Steve Garvey has barely campaigned for Senate in California. He’s surging anyway

Former Dodgers All-Star Steve Garvey's quixotic campaign for the U.S. Senate seat once held by the late Dianne Feinstein looks set to pay off in Tuesday's California primary. Despite Garvey's last-minute strategy of holding few public events and not paying for a single TV ad, polls show Republicans winning one of the top two spots […]

FBI Hired Barely Literate Candidates, Urged Fat Applicant To Continue Process, Report Alleges

The FBI is considering lowering its hiring standards, overestimating applicants and hiring employees with little literacy, a group of current and former FBI agents and analysts claim. In a report submitted to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, FBI officials describe how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is prioritized in the hiring process, and how […]

Liz Hurley’s Barely Legal Son Directed Her Erotic Scenes In Upcoming Film

Elizabeth Hurley’s 21-year-old son will finish his directorial debut in December 2022 and has shot erotic scenes for his mother for his new film Strictly Confidential, reports Friday. This movie sounds like a classic murder mystery. plot The film follows British girl Mia (played by Georgia Locke) as she begins to unravel the events that […]

Major Retailers Are Slashing Prices For LGBT Merchandise Barely A Week Into Pride Month

A major clothing retailer puts LGBT-themed clothing on sale just eight days after Pride Month, as sales plummet due to Target’s conservative boycott. During Pride Month, multiple clothing companies are selling LGBT-themed clothing to customers, many in child and toddler sizes. Target has faced boycotts over underwear for men to “tuck” their genitals, bras that […]

Ending life ahead of time: five planes that barely saw the skies

Age is not the most accurate indicator of jet life expectancy, but it is typically 20-25 years for short-haul narrowbody aircraft and around 35 years for widebody aircraft. But sometimes planes are retired regardless of age, flight hours, or operational cycle. Jets spend very little time in the air, and there are many reasons why […]