Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks Biden Education Dept Rule That Forces Schools To Cater To Trans Students

A Clinton-appointed judge on Wednesday issued a preliminary injunction against the Biden Education Department's newly revised Title IX rules that require schools to accommodate transgender students. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and several other states The first lawsuit was filed Bailey filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration in May, claiming the amendment is “unconstitutional.” […]

House To Consider Resolution Condemning Biden And ‘Border Czar’ Harris Over ‘Catastrophic Border Crisis’

The House of Representatives passed a resolution on Wednesday to consider censuring President Joe Biden's administration and Vice President Kamala Harris for “failing to secure the United States border.” The resolution criticizes the performance of “Border Minister” Harris since taking charge of immigration policy. Considered The House passed HR 1376 later this week. Introduced Republican […]

John King Reveals One Of The Key Things That Voters Noticed About Biden

CNN's John King said Wednesday night that President Joe Biden's “low profile” has led voters to question “whether he's fit for the office of the presidency.” King appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360” with a group of commentators to discuss the reaction to Biden's first address to the nation since dropping out of the 2024 presidential […]

Biden Faces The Nation Four Days After Dropping Out Via Twitter

President Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered his first public address to the nation since abruptly dropping out of the presidential race four days ago. Biden, who has not been seen in public since July 17 because of COVID-19, announced he was withdrawing from the presidential race in a letter posted to Twitter on Sunday. The […]

HART: The “Useful Idiot” Was No Longer Useful. Bye Bye, Biden

Note: This is a satirical piece. Democrats have long been known to support late-term abortion, but the Biden case has pushed that to new limits. While vultures were flying all over the place last week, Democrats devoured one of their own on Sunday when Joe Biden sent a letter to the public saying he would […]

Biden Admin Opens Investigation Into Major Airline After Canceling Thousands Of Flights

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced Tuesday that the Department of Transportation will open an investigation into Delta Air Lines after the company canceled thousands of flights since Friday. In announcing the investigation into Delta, Buttigieg said its purpose was to “ensure that airlines are following the law and keeping customers safe during this time […]

How Nancy Pelosi navigated the withdrawal of President Biden

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a leading Democrat, was measured and respectful in her public response to President Biden's decision whether to seek reelection. The San Francisco congresswoman is known for her ruthlessly effective political instincts and never publicly called for the president to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race, even after his disastrous debate […]