Tribes hope Biden’s Arizona visit means long-sought Grand Canyon monument

Proponents of mining restrictions around Grand Canyon National Park on Monday expressed hope that the new national monument will preserve land for future generations. President Joe Biden is visiting the area on Tuesday and will announce plans for a new national monument to preserve about 1,562 square miles (4,046 square kilometers). Representatives from various northern […]

FERBRACHE: Biden’s Illusion Of Access

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. There he finds two alternate realities existing side by side, where common sense physics do not apply. Congressional Democrats and their media groups have used scrutiny by various House committees, conclusive documentary evidence (i.e. bank records), credible source reports, and first-hand testimony pointing to presidential corruption as a Republican conspiracy […]

DEROY MURDOCK: Joe Biden’s DOJ Is Where Justice Goes To Die

The Department of Justice should honestly call itself Biden Campaign Headquarters. With the dreadful smell of East Germany wafting through the windows, the cabinet machine is persecuting the president’s arch-enemy, Donald J. Trump, and keeping the heat of the Biden family at bay. Even so, the temperature is higher than in July. Special Counsel Jack […]

‘It Stinks’: CNN Reporter Gives Blunt Assessment Of Biden’s Approval Ratings

CNN’s senior data writer Harry Enten on Thursday gave a candid assessment of President Joe Biden’s approval ratings after new polls showed the president’s approval ratings had fallen. CNN poll It turns out that 51% of Americans have a bad economy, and Mr. Biden’s approval rating is 41%. Opinion polls show Mr. Biden’s approval rating […]

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