State Sen. Albritton: Senate gaming bill is ‘very, very restrictive’

said state Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Atmore). The Senate's gambling bill is significantly different from the one approved by the House. The law prohibits electronic bingo, class III casinos, sports betting, and any form of electronic gambling. “[W]In the version passed by the Senate, what we have is a very, very restrictive gaming permit,” Albritton explained. […]

Midwives push for improved care with new bill HB 312

In a substantive move to strengthen midwifery care in Alabama, the Alabama Midwives Alliance heralds the introduction of House Bill 312 (HB 312), a legislative effort aimed at improving midwifery laws in the state . Championed by Congressman Ben Harrison and with a strong coalition of co-sponsors including Representatives Pettus, Butler, Wharton, Brown, Treadaway, Yarbrough, […]

California bill banning medical debt from credit reports gets a boost

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta announced Monday that he is pushing for legislation that would ban medical debt from appearing on consumer credit reports. This is a Democratic-led effort to provide protections to patients who are under pressure from medical costs. Bonta is a sponsor Sen. Monique Limon's bill, SB 1061 seeks to prevent health […]

Bill Maher Reveals His Presidential ‘Dream Ticket’

Bill Maher's dream is that his ticket to the 2024 presidential election is for President Biden to run with Nikki Haley as his vice president, he said during a “Real Time” panel discussion on Friday. NEW: Bill Maher suggests President Biden should dump Kamala Harris and replace her with Nikki Haley to help his 2024 […]

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Signs Bill Banning Legacy Admissions

Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed a bill Friday that bans legacy admissions at the state's public universities. After the Supreme Court struck down race-based admissions in June 2023, several states are moving to eliminate legacy admissions (admissions based on a family's prior educational status). The bill passed the Virginia Senate 39-0 with bipartisan support. […]

Senate Passes Consolidated Spending Bill To Partially Fund Government For 2024

The Senate on Friday passed a consolidated bill to fund parts of the federal government for fiscal year 2024, partially completing the spending process that had been delayed since Sept. 30, 2023. Congress has passed four continuing resolutions since the start of the new fiscal year to avert a government shutdown while the House and […]

Debate over pharmacy reimbursement bill expected to intensify

Alabama is facing growing opposition to a new pharmacy reimbursement bill that would add a $10.64 fee to all prescription drug purchases. House Bill 238 It was passed by the Alabama Home Insurance Commission earlier this week. The bill would require pharmacy benefit managers to reimburse in-network pharmacies for the cost of obtaining drugs, and […]

House passes bill prohibiting DEI programs, divisive concepts

After two hours of debate on Thursday, only one Black lawmaker voted in favor of SB129, a bill targeting diversity, equity and inclusion programs, in the Alabama House of Representatives. All other black senators voted against the bill. Only two white members participated. Rep. Neil Rafferty (D-Birmingham) and Rep. Philip Ensler (D-Montgomery). Mr. Lafferty is […]