RUSSELL: New Book ‘White Rural Rage’ Reveals True Extent Of Urban Liberal Hate

of latest screed The opposition to the nation of flyovers, predictably, comes from an urban scientist (Tom Schaller) and journalist (Paul Waldman), author of the hotly debated new book “White Rural Rage.” Those who lament the disparity between rural and urban America may want to visit both places. Asking people why they believe and act […]

Miami Book Café That Kicked Out Fox News Analyst Over Conservative Politics Shuts Down

A North Miami book cafe that kicked out Fox News political analyst Janno Caldwell because of his conservative views recently closed. Paradis Books & Bread announced its closure following infighting and poor business, a year after Mr. Caldwell was removed from the business, according to a business statement. Website Posted in February. “Having reached our […]

Brad Pitt Accused Of On-Set Volatility By Director In Book: REPORT

“Legends of the Fall” director Ed Zwick said in an excerpt from his memoir “Hits, Flops, and Other Illusions: My Fortysomething Years in Hollywood,” published Tuesday by Vanity Fair. He criticized megastar Brad Pitt's “erratic'' behavior on set. Apparently, Pitt would get “excited” before filming scenes that required him to dig deep into himself for […]

Ozark library board disagrees on book review process

Conversations continue among Ozarkdale County Library officials about how to handle book reconsideration requests. The board has already acted on one of only two known reconsideration requests in its history, but on Wednesday the board asked how it should address such challenges in the future. There was no consensus on the matter. The agenda included […]

Diverging state laws focus on book bans, LGBTQ+ rights in the US

As the new year dawns, the United States finds itself amidst a mosaic of new state laws that reflect the region's unique historical and political characteristics. This diversity in legislation highlights ideological divides within the country, particularly in approaches to freedom of expression and LGBTQ+ rights. Alabama's tax-free overtime bill represents a significant economic move, […]