FACT CHECK: Video Claims To Show Impact Of Trucker Boycott On New York

video Shared by X It claims to show the impact of the trucker boycott in New York. You get what you voted for: #truck driver Do not ship food, produce, or goods nationwide. #new york…this is the result #American #libtards Worth it!#liberal sinking ship #liberalism is a mental illness #united states of america #America #demon […]

Chipotle Boycott Escalates: Nick Adams Issues His Demands

Restaurant chain Chipotle is on the verge of escalating into an outright Bud Light-style boycott after influencer Nick Adams released a list of demands calling for an end to anti-woke protests. We are still struggling to prevent this. Posts about Mexican-style restaurants flooded social media on Tuesday after a popular conservative commentator said: nick adams […]

Former Anheuser-Busch Exec Calls For Company’s CEO To Quit Over Bud Light Boycott

A former Anheuser-Busch executive resigned as CEO Monday, citing an ongoing boycott of Bud Light over controversy over its endorsement of transgender influencers. I asked again to ask for “One of Anheuser’s suppliers had exactly 600 employees. […] Anson Frericks, former president of Anheuser-Busch Sales and Distribution Company, told Fox Business presenter Ashley Webster. “Unfortunately, […]

Some Beer Distributors Believe Bud Light Boycott Could Be Permanent, Surveys Say

A significant portion of beer distributors believe the ongoing consumer boycott of Bud Light could permanently damage the brand, two new surveys find. A survey by investment firm Jefferies Group found that 65% of beer distributors expect the Bud Light boycott to continue for another six months, and another 32% believe it could be permanent. […]

All Democrats to boycott House Judiciary Committee hearing at Arizona border

Only half of the House Judiciary Committee will head to the U.S.-Mexico border next week for a second hearing on the humanitarian crisis there and the fentanyl epidemic, after Democrats refused to join the Republican Party. Democrats announced Thursday they would be boycotting a Republican-led trip to Arizona next week. This is because they were […]