Biden Official Admits Devastating Controlled Burn Of Derailed East Palestine Train Cars Wasn’t Necessary

National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Jennifer Homendy acknowledged Wednesday that a controlled incineration at the site of the train derailment that devastated the East Palestine town was not necessary. On February 3, 2023, a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, prompting evacuations and shelter-in-place orders as authorities tried to deal with the […]

Feds Burn Over $1 Million On Video Game To Help LGBTQ Youth Stop ‘Binge Drinking’

The federal government has spent more than $1 million to develop and test a web-accessible video game aimed at discouraging “binge drinking” among LGBTQ youth, according to a federal grants database. National Institutes of Health (NIH) have approved $1,075,660 in grants since 2016; Inspired by Japanese role-playing games According to a federal grants database, web […]

No Burn Day as smoke pollution rises

Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5) — Maricopa County Air Quality Department Tuesday declared “No Burn Day” Due to high levels of smoke pollution. The county is Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Predict worsening air quality. The following mandatory restrictions apply: Maricopa County prohibits the burning of wood in residential fireplaces, ximenaires, outdoor fire pits, and similar outdoor […]

Burn ban in Maricopa County

PHOENIX — The latest storm system leaves Arizona, leaving behind cold air. Temperatures across the valley will drop into the 40s overnight, and widespread freezing is expected in the highlands. Maricopa County has issued a burn ban due to weak winds and lingering pollution throughout the valley. This means that it is prohibited to burn […]

Why Maricopa County declares ‘no burn day’ Wednesday and Thursday

Independent news media feature The Maricopa County Air Quality Department declared Wednesday, Dec. 13 and Thursday, Dec. 14 as “No Burn Days” due to elevated PM2.5 (smoke) levels. I take action: Eliminate the burning of wood in fireplaces, stoves, simeneas, and outdoor fire pits. Switch your wood-burning fireplace to natural gas or propane. Visit […]

Increased pollution leads Maricopa County to issue back-to-back No Burn Day

Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5) — The air quality in Maricopa County this New Year's Day was pretty bad, and despite what you think, it's not just fireworks that are causing the problem, it's cars and firewood as well. The Maricopa County Air Quality Authority issued a high pollution advisory Monday morning, asking people not to burn […]

Mitigating monsoon damage to Arizona’s burn scars

Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5) — 2022 was a very “wet” monsoon. In fact, it was the seventh wettest summer storm season on record. In Phoenix it dropped more than 2 inches from July to September. It was raining here in the Valley, but it was also raining in Northern Arizona. Dropped over 10.5 inches at Flagstaff. […]

Maricopa County institutes annual burn ban |

(Center Square) – This year’s heavy rains may have caused unforeseen problems and may actually increase the risk of wildfires. Now that the state is hot again, the excess vegetation that grew during the monsoon season will die off, creating a rich source of fuel. Forest fire. Because of this, Maricopa County and the City […]