Joe Biden’s Brother Switched Up Story On China Deal After Lawmakers Showed Him Receipts, Source Says

James Biden changed his story Wednesday in a private interview with lawmakers after congressional investigators presented evidence that directly contradicted his claims, according to people familiar with the interview. In private testimony before the House Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee, Joe Biden's brother initially told reporters that he, Hunter Biden and several colleagues were […]

Poll: Majority of Alabama voters express strong disapproval of illegal vapes from China

Shared new poll results yellow hammer news has shown a strong desire to crack down on illegal e-cigarettes circulating in Alabama. A Signal survey of 1,500 Alabama general election voter candidates found that 56% of potential voters said they would not accept the Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA), which requires vapor product manufacturers to verify […]

The Defense Department’s China Military Power Report: The Threat Is Worse Than Advertised

The report rightly focuses on the extent of China's military buildup and modernization plans. The report errs in relying on China's highest official defense budget of $230 billion. While this report is alarming, it almost certainly underestimates the threat posed by China. Department of Defense Latest Annual Report china military power report That's quite correct. […]

Europe Wanted Cheap Solar Panels. Now China Is About To Totally Take Over The Industry

According to Politico, if policymakers don't intervene quickly to protect European companies, Chinese manufacturers could soon consolidate their dominance in the European solar market. Europe has set aside billions of euros to significantly increase its reliance on solar panels for power generation, and the continent's rush to go green has led to cheaper Chinese products […]

Top Democrat On House China Committee Denies That His Party Is Specifically Targeted By Chinese Agents

The top Democrat on the House Chinese Communist Party Committee on Monday denied that senior Democratic officials are being specifically targeted by Chinese influence operations in the United States. Illinois Democratic Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi is a four-term congressman and ranking member of House S.Select a strategic competition committee between the United States and the Communist […]

China Executes Couple Who Threw Two Young Kids Out Of High-Rise Apartment Window: REPORT

A Chinese father and his mistress have been executed as punishment for their alleged crimes, Fox News reported Thursday. Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen were convicted and executed for the premeditated murder of Zhang's two young children. according to On Fox News. The incident occurred in Chongqing in November 2020, when Zhang threw her two-year-old […]

Leon Panetta Says China Could Use Dem-Backed Battery Factory To Spy On America

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta warned Tuesday that the Chinese Communist Party (CPP) could use Democratic Party-backed green energy factories to spy on Americans. Panetta said during Tuesday's hearing held by the House Select Committee on CCP in Washington, D.C., that the Chinese Communist Party could use Gorshon's planned facility in Michigan to conduct espionage […]