Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Could Potentially (And Sadly) Retire Soon

Go at least part-time — don’t leave us, doggy! Appearing in sports media over 30 yearsChris “Mad Dog” Russo is an absolute legend, having launched a show under the brand name “Mike and the Mad Dog” in 1989. But Russo, 64, could (and sadly) be headed for retirement. In a recent episode of SI Media […]

Chris Christie Visits Zelenskyy In Ukraine

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie made a surprise visit to Ukraine on Friday to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky. Former Republican New Jersey governor Christie has criticized former President Donald Trump’s candidacy and populist political platform, including skepticism about continued U.S. funding for Ukraine in its war against Russia. ing. Mr Christie visited Kiev on […]

‘Let Me Finish’: Harris Faulkner Gets Into Fiesty Debate With Never Trumper Chris Sununu

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner engaged in a heated debate with Republican New Hampshire Governor Chris Snunu over former President Donald Trump. Sununu praised Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent visit to Iowa, but criticized Trump, arguing that voters in New Hampshire and Iowa didn’t particularly want him. Mr. Sununu angered Mr. Harris by claiming that […]

‘I’m Gonna Beat Him’: Chris Christie Confident About Run After Trump Target Letter

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie stopped by CNN on Wednesday to offer his thoughts on the state of the 2024 Republican primary. Christie told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer that former President Donald Trump felt confident in his chances of winning the nomination after receiving a targeted letter from federal prosecutor Jack Smith. (Related article: ‘I’ll […]

GOP Reps Grilling FBI Director Are ‘Trying To Raise Money For Campaigns,’ Chris Christie Says

Former Republican Gov. Chris Christie claimed Wednesday that Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee were “trying to raise money” for a campaign to ask tough questions of FBI Director Christopher Wray. Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. hearing The title is “Federal Bureau of Investigation Surveillance”. During the hearing, he said he […]

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