Trump Shooter Searched ‘How Far Away’ JFK Assassin Was, Christopher Wray Reveals

A 20-year-old man who plotted to assassinate former President Donald Trump had searched the internet for details about the distance by which John F. Kennedy was assassinated, FBI Director Christopher Wray said Wednesday. Suspect Thomas Michael Crooks climbed to the roof of a building near the former president's rally and came within range of Trump's […]

Christopher Mobley announces new line of Tide Final Four products

Well-known Tuscaloosa clothing store Christopher Mobley is collaborating with luxury brand Peter Miller to launch an all-new gear line for Crimson Tide fans. Featuring Alabama's highly popular “Block A” logo, the collection adds the wording “Final Four” in a white banner at the bottom. It is not the beginning, it is not the end, it […]

Christopher Clements found guilty of killing Tucson girl

An Arizona jury has convicted a man in the kidnapping and murder of a 6-year-old girl in Tucson. TUCSON, Ariz. — A man already serving a life sentence for killing an Arizona teen in 2014 was found guilty Thursday of first-degree murder for killing another Tucson girl several years ago. received. Pima County Superior Court […]

Trump Admits It Was ‘Probably’ A Mistake To Hire FBI Director Christopher Wray

Former President Donald Trump admitted in an exclusive interview on Sunday with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo that he was probably wrong in hiring FBI Director Christopher Wray. President Trump appointed Wray to the agency in early June 2017 after firing former FBI Director James Comey. Wray, whom President Trump once described as “a man of […]

Navigating Inflation: Christopher Day’s Optimistic Outlook for Young Investors

Homeownership prospects are a timeless and interesting subject, and have been debated for generations. In recent years, the challenges and opportunities associated with home ownership have taken on new dimensions as socioeconomic factors and financial trends continue to change. Younger generations in particular face various hurdles, but one of the major drivers of the current […]

Every Major GOP Candidate Would Fire FBI Director Christopher Wray — Except One

Nearly every Republican presidential candidate has vowed to either reform the FBI’s upper echelons after taking office, enact sweeping structural reforms, or dismantle the FBI altogether. Only one major Republican candidate, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has made it clear that he will not fire FBI Director Christopher Wray. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former […]

Pima County Attorney will retry Christopher Clements for murder

Tucson, Arizona (13 News) – The second murder trial of convicted child murderer Christopher Clements ended in a miscarriage of justice on Friday, March 3. The jury gave the judge a note saying he was stuck on first-degree murder charges and could not reach a decision. Clements was charged with murder, kidnapping and robbery in […]