AG Mayes files lawsuit over Cochise County handing control of elections to recorder

Arizona Attorney General Chris Mays has filed a lawsuit to try to prevent the Cochise County Board of Supervisors from turning over control of the election to county registrar David Stevens. In a media release, Mays said county supervisors working with county recorders to administer elections had been legal before, but said, “The Cochise County […]

Cochise County gives election skeptic recorder near full control of elections

The Cochise County election will be run almost entirely by Recorder David Stevens. an election skeptic who said He doesn’t fully trust all of his county’s election procedures and believes the county can and should move to hand-counting ballots. The Southern Arizona County Board of Supervisors voted two to one on Tuesday afternoon, transferring oversight […]

Arizona lawmakers move to control local transportation decisions

PHOENIX — State legislators seek to wrest control of transportation planning from local governments and instead express their own political philosophies. And now the question is whose vision should be carried out among all these legislators. Strictly speaking, the debate on Senate Bill 1122 deals with whether Maricopa County voters have the opportunity to extend […]

Coconino County approves $12.5 million match to secure federal funding for flood control

The Coconino County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to approve a $12.5 million accord that would allow it to accept a $50 million federal funding grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Post-Fire Flood Mitigation in County Neighborhoods Affected by the 2022 Pipeline Fire. Late last year, Congress approved a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill. […]

Yuma residents, officials say cartels control the US border

Officials and locals in Yuma, Arizona, said the Mexican cartel: smuggling drugs and people Immigrants to the United States effectively control the southern border, with one person describing the situation as “a time bomb like a time bomb.” Cartels, which charge as much as $20,000 each to help migrants sneak into the United States, have […]

Maricopa County animal control director out after bullying complaints

Maricopa County announced Monday that it is looking to replace Animal Control Director Michael Mendel, who quit his job after an employee complained of bullying staff and having an emotional outburst. According to new documents released to the Republic of Arizona at the request of public records, three officials told the county’s human resources department […]