Downtown OWA welcomes three new businesses to Baldwin County

Downtown OWA in Foley, Alabama, a free-admission shopping, dining and entertainment district located just outside OWA Parks and Resorts, announced the opening of three new businesses through a press release. The first new business is Fluffy’s Pet Shop, which offers a wide range of pet treats, chews, leashes, beds, harnesses, grooming tools and stylish accessories. […]

L.A. County tries to hire mental health workers, fast

$18,500 scholarship to offset graduate school tuition. Student loan forgiveness. Free on-the-job training. All license fees have been paid. and an opportunity to serve underserved populations “with dignity.” The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s new marketing campaign, “Do Worthwhile Work,” highlights these benefits on its website in hopes that job seekers will understand […]

Turnover has plagued local election offices since 2020. One swing state county is trying to recover | Arizona News

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Voting for last year’s midterm elections had just begun in Pennsylvania when the phones started ringing at the Luzerne County elections office. × This page requires JavaScript. JavaScript is required to read premium content. Please enable it in your browser settings. kAm!@==:?8 A=246D H6C6 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2A?6HD]4@>^2CE:4=6^a_aa\>:5E6C>\6=64E:@?D\A6??DJ= G2?:2\6=64E:@?\C64@F?ED\4@?8C6DD\7e442566d5e6gbc26`g22`ddhd772c3eQmCF??:?8 =@H @? A2A6Ck^2m E@ AC:?E […]

Heat Deaths Topped 360 In Arizona’s Maricopa County This Year

Now playing Death toll rises in Phoenix due to deadly heat 00:56 Next is next First big snowstorm and cold weather along the way 01:07 If you use all hurricane names, something like this will happen 00:57 Track Tammy and new tropical cyclones 00:56 Flood threat due to approach of Tropical Storm Otis 00:53 Money-saving […]

Arizona High School Football Schedule, Live Streams in Maricopa County This Week

Instead of rewatching “Friday Night Lights,” check out real high school football. The article below explains how to watch or stream high school games this week in Maricopa County, Arizona. Follow this season’s high school football NFHS network! Please check out what’s going on with your family and alma mater. This week’s Maricopa County, Arizona […]

Arizona Legislature hearing seeks solutions for Maricopa County gas prices

In parts of Arizona, cleaner-burning gasoline is mandated under a state implementation plan from 1997 to comply with National Air Quality Standards and the Clean Air Act. Available only in Maricopa County and parts of Pinal and Yavapai Counties. (File photo by Omar Iakub/Cronkite News) PHOENIX – A joint committee of the Arizona Legislature hearing […]

Maricopa County matches all-time record for heat deaths

Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5) — The Maricopa County Department of Public Health announced that the county has tied an all-time record for annual heatstroke deaths. The number of deaths due to heat stroke in the county is rapidly increasing every year as the population increases, and the annual total exceeds previous records. The number of confirmed […]

Piper Trust helps Maricopa County Nonprofits Meet Fluctuating Challenges

Subsidies provide flexibility and encourage new approaches Phoenix, August 7, 2023–(business wire)–The Piper Trust’s nearly $34 million in grant support in the 15 months ended March 31 speaks to the return on investment in the community through both application-based and philanthropic efforts initiated by the Trust. This two-pronged approach to funding follows the Trust’s almost […]

Extreme heat has killed 63 people in Pima County so far this summer

Pima County, Arizona (CNN) — At least 147 people have died in just five counties in the U.S. heatwave, coroners have reported — just a snapshot of the death toll this scorching summer has brought. . And experts say this estimate is likely to be far lower than the actual number of lives lost in […]

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