County, Native Americans work together to create ‘cultural tourism’

Coconino County, Arizona and the Navajo Nation have formed a partnership to create a cultural tourism initiative that educates visitors about Native American history and traditions and benefits the local economy. “When we talk about cultural tourism, there are no borders,” Coconino County Supervisor Lena Fowler said at a July 13 meeting of the NACo […]

Maricopa Library & Cultural Center Invites Local Creatives to

Maricopa Library and Cultural Center's upcoming art gallery themed “Fall Fun” is creating a new opportunity for local artists looking to show off their autumn spirit. According to a July 2 announcement, the library's Cultural and Arts Advisory Committee launched the celebratory platform to capture the essence of fall festivities through the lens of local […]

Maricopa County Invests $350,000 in Mesa Community Spaces for Cultural

Maricopa County has its sights set on enhancing Mesa’s community spaces, with the County Board of Supervisors allocating significant funding to revitalize key cultural and educational facilities, a move that will see the Firefighters Memorial, Historical Society and Ideas Museum benefit from these improvements. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has approved putting $350,000 towards […]

Russell Brand Warns Tucker About Authoritarianism ‘Radically Escalating,’ Calls Out Groups Creating ‘Cultural Tension’

Comedian Russell Brand calls out Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson for potentially creating “cultural tensions” and the “rapid escalation” of authority he believes is coming. warned about principles. Brand appeared on Carlson's show on X (formerly Twitter) to talk about his reporting and the censorship he faced over it. Carlson asked the brand about past […]

These Towns in Arizona Have a Rich Cultural Heritage

Arizona has one of the most diverse climates in the United States, and many people are interested in visiting the Grand Canyon State. Each city is unique and has a history as varied as the people who live there. Although there are 14 people,th As the most populous state, Arizona offers a variety of options […]

City Council plans homeless camp at Sedona Cultural Park

At its Jan. 9 meeting, the Sedona City Council unanimously directed city staff to move forward with plans to build a homeless encampment for local workers living in their cars at Sedona Cultural Park. The city purchased the property in November 2022 for more than 5,000 yen. 23 million dollars. Housing “Supplements” “This is complementary […]

PATTISON: Politicians Are Ignoring The Major Cause Of Our Republic’s Cultural Decay

Recently, the National Report Card, a national assessment of educational progress, revealed America’s grade as an Student performance in the grade, long used as an educational benchmark, was at an all-time low. Poor performance in math and reading has ruined 30 years of progress for America’s young people. School administrators quickly bounced back after […]

Will Rogers Ranch Will Enhance Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism Efforts

detail To Chuck Hoskin Jr. June 18, 2023 guest opinion. Before Will Rogers became a world-famous performer, actor and social commentator, he was a young Cherokee who grew up on a ranch near Lake Woologa. Today, the Cherokee Nation has purchased the historic Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch from Oklahoma. This acquisition marks a milestone for […]