House Oversight Demands Documents From Hunter Biden Art Buyer Who Joe Biden Appointed To Historical Commission

The House Oversight Committee is seeking documents from Joe Biden-appointed real estate investor Elizabeth Naftali, the Democratic donor who allegedly purchased Hunter Biden art. The House Oversight Authority sent a letter to Mr. Naftali on Saturday, requesting documents and communications regarding Hunter Biden’s art purchase report, appointment to the U.S. Overseas Heritage Preservation Commission, and […]

‘Let Me Finish If You Don’t Mind’: Tucker Demands Asa Hutchinson Defend His Stance On Trans Kids

The Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson has called on Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson to defend her stance on allowing puberty inhibitors and gender reassignment surgery for minors. Carlson asked the former Arkansas governor how distorting the natural development of adolescents could be “therapeutic.” Hutchinson vetoed a bill banning gender reassignment surgery for minors in […]

China Demands Assurances On Taiwan, Blinken Complies Immediately

Secretary of State Antony Brinken has told the world that the United States will not directly support Taiwan’s independence at the request of China’s foreign policy emperor Wang Yi. Wang said in a meeting with Blinken on Monday that China “has no room for compromise or concessions” on the Taiwan issue. according to Readout of […]

Drag Show Demands Audience Tip As Part Of Reparations

At an all-black drag show on June 9, San Francisco crowds were reportedly told to tip performers as compensation. Entitled “Reparations,” the show airs monthly at San Francisco nightclub Oasis, whose owner Darcy Dollinger is the first in San Francisco history to hold the title. drag winner. During the show, drag performers reportedly pressured the […]

Interior official: Permitting reform demands more staffing, funding

Clean energy: A senior U.S. Department of the Interior official said the federal government should rush to approve clean energy. Increase Land Agency funding and staffingNot by watering down environmental laws, as some senators have suggested. (Los Angeles Times) again: Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed a number of energy-related bills into law, including: Setting […]

Father demands answers after Arizona boy dies days after being taken into state care

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona — Single father Richard Blodgett was incarcerated on drug charges when officials from the Arizona Department of Child Welfare broke the news: His son was brain dead and on life support. was — just days after being in state custody. Blodgett yelled, cried, and yelled again. Jacob was his only son, his 9-year-old […]

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