DeSantis Debates NBC Reporter Over Promise To Use ‘Deadly Force’ Against Cartels

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis debated with NBC News reporter Dasha Barnes over his promise to use “lethal force” against Mexican drug cartels. At a press conference on June 26, Mr. DeSantis vowed to allow border agents to use lethal force against drug cartels and “eliminate” cartel members crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. “It’s like being […]

NBC Reporter Made A Demonstrably False Claim During Her Interview With Ron DeSantis

NBC News’ Dasha Barnes argued in an interview with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that Democrats are not promoting legal abortion up to the moment of birth. Despite numerous examples, including last year when Democrats voted in favor of a bill to nationalize abortion throughout pregnancy, Barnes told DeSantis, “There are no signs the Democrats are […]

Will DeSantis’ New Economic Plan Give Him The Boost He So Desperately Needs?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign unveiled a 10-point economic plan earlier this week. The campaign aims to build a narrative around this “declaration of economic independence,” but it’s unclear whether it will resonate with the American public. In an age of ruthless culture wars and politicized prosecutions, will the question of the kitchen table […]

‘Absolutely, I’m Game’: Ron DeSantis Accepts Debate Offer From Gavin Newsom

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accepted Wednesday an offer to debate on Fox News’ “Hanity” from Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom. DeSantis accepted Fox News anchor Sean Hannity’s offer of a debate with Newsom, more than a month after the California Democrats agreed to participate in the debate. “I heard Gavin made an offer, what’s […]

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