Kari Lake claimed Maricopa County voters were ‘disenfranchised.’ Experts disagree.

Republican Kari Lake shared a video on Twitter saying she “continues to fight” to become the next governor of Arizona, claiming voters were disenfranchised in Maricopa County. predicted that Arizona’s secretary of state, Democrat Katie Hobbs, would win the high-profile gubernatorial race. “On Election Day, nearly half of all polling stations had problems with the […]

Some locals say Biden is doing enough at the border, others disagree

Nogales, Arizona (KGUN) — Luis Aguirre Jr. is a Rio Rico resident who lives about 20 minutes from the US-Mexico border. He used to live in Nogales, and while some of President Joe Biden’s plans worked, others failed, he said. The Biden administration sued former Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey after filling a gap in the […]