Package handlers, drivers wanted for new Tucson UPS facility

UPS plans to open a new facility in Tucson next month and hire package handlers and drivers. The 163,800-square-foot facility at 6818 S. Country Club Road, along with the existing site at 899 E., will serve Midtown and the South Side. silver lake road. Daily dispatch from both companies includes 200 delivery drivers and 29 […]

Sedona Meals on Wheels drivers down 30%

The Sedona Meals on Wheels program, run by the Sedona Community Center, is seeking more volunteer drivers to deliver meals to people throughout the community. The program recently saw its number of volunteers decrease by about 30%, from 100 to 70, and as a result, it had to adjust its offerings. “We have a great […]

Rain and snow fall in Tucson area, higher elevations blocked for drivers | News

TUCSON, Ariz. (KVOA) — Sunday brought busy weather for much of Tucson. Some Tucson residents changed their plans because of the instability. On Sunday, Tucson and all of southern Arizona had cloudy skies. Rain pounded the windshields for many Tucson residents who had planned to go out. Several car accidents were caught in the middle […]

Snow storm sees drivers braving winter road conditions

Dozens of people traveled from Phoenix to Flagstaff on Sunday to play in the snow. FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — A winter storm dumped nearly a foot of snow in some areas of Arizona, according to the latest report from the National Weather Service (NWS). Dozens of people traveled from other Arizona cities to witness the first […]

Montana Makes Top 10 Least Rude Drivers

I am often asked if I commute to work every day. I moved to the Bitterroot Valley eight years ago. Mainly because I couldn’t afford housing anywhere in Missoula. The move forced him to log 50 miles a day for work. About 30 minutes one way on average. Considering that people in metropolitan areas commute […]

Reckless Driver’s Car Ends Up On Top Of Other Car

Police found a black Toyota Corolla parked on top of a white Honda Accord at the Renaissance in Colony Park in Ridgeland, Mississippi, on Sunday, according to WJTV. Ridgeland Police Chief Brian Myers said the Corolla’s driver appeared to have driven over a curb, landed on top of the Accord and struck another nearby vehicle, […]

DeSantis Outlaws Out-Of-State Driver’s Licenses Issued To Illegal Immigrants

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday that some driver licenses in five states will not be recognized in Florida because they were issued to illegal immigrants. Florida Highway Safety Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) published On Wednesday’s list, licenses issued to illegal immigrants from Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont, Hawaii and Rhode Island are not considered valid federal identification […]