Election distrust in Cochise County runs deep, and change is slow to come | National

In a city built next to an army base in the foothills of the Huachuca Mountains near the Mexican border, crowds gathered to watch the machines they believed were stealing votes. Chris Wlaschin, head of security for machine manufacturing company Election Systems & Software, brought equipment to the city to try to convince otherwise. In […]

Dogged By Crime Concerns, Dems Walk Back Their Own Reforms Ahead Of 2024 Election

Many Democratic enclaves are reversing 2020 reforms and moving toward tougher crime policies ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Democratic cities and states in America have increasingly introduced tough law and order measures that would have been taboo in the years following the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests against law enforcement. ing. The government is […]

ROOKE: The 2024 Election Is Set: Insult Comic Vs. Feeble Old Man

President Joe Biden's campaign strategy to defeat former President Donald Trump appears to be to provoke him into publicly criticizing him. But in a schoolyard brawl, bewildered and forgetful, he is little match for a quick-witted, charismatic man who makes even the most unconventional insults work. biden I do not want There is a need […]

Steve Garvey’s win is a loss for California election reform

The Dodgers don't usually get intentional help from their arch-rivals, the Giants.But something strange happened in the California primary: Former Dodgers great and current Republican Senate candidate Steve Garvey advances to general election After being promoted almost entirely by other teams, along with Democratic Rep. Adam B. Schiff.Former National League MVP's long-term goal Senate race […]

Fani Willis Faces Potential Challengers In Coming Election

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faces multiple potential challengers in 2024. Democrat Christian Wise Smith, the Atlanta prosecutor who ran for district attorney against Willis in 2020, filed paperwork Friday to qualify as a candidate for the election. Major According to multiple reports, it is scheduled for May 21st. Republican Atlanta attorney Courtney Kramer […]

State’s IVF law sparks debate, highlights District 10 House election

Amid a whirlwind of legislative activity, the Alabama Republican Party announced new legislation aimed at addressing the fallout from a controversial Alabama Supreme Court decision regarding in vitro fertilization (IVF). But critics say the bill, recently signed by Republican Gov. Kay Ivey, does not fully protect reproductive rights. This legislative action highlights the intense national […]