‘Life-Threatening’ Electric Weather Phenomena Caught On Camera In US

Footage shared on Tuesday shows the moment two completely uninformed tourists had no idea they were potentially facing death. This video shows what appears to be two women literally touching static electricity in the air in Horseshoe Bend, Arizona. according to Posted by AccuWeather. One woman's hair stands straight up in the air, a key […]

Electric Vehicles Are So Unpopular That Entire Mines Are Shutting Down

The Wall Street Journal reports that due to slowing growth in demand for electric vehicles (EVs), the supply of rare earth minerals essential for EV parts is outstripping demand and entire mines are being shut down. Mines around the world are shutting down operations or canceling construction projects in response to reduced demand, including Albemarle's […]

Biden Admin To Ease Electric Vehicle Goals In Bid For Union Support: REPORT

In an effort to appeal to labor unions and the auto industry, the Biden administration plans to ease tailpipe emissions regulations this spring that were put in place to encourage the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), according to The New York Times. The rules will give automakers more time to accelerate the transition to EVs, […]

Biden Admin Announces $1.5 Billion For Electric Buses

The Biden administration announced Thursday that it will allocate $1.5 billion to build electric buses. According to one report, White House officials met with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) on Wednesday to “develop the agency at the scale and pace necessary to meet market demand and meet the nation's climate and equity goals.” discussed how […]

DAVID BLACKMON: Electric Vehicles Have A Weight Problem

A crash test study conducted by researchers at the University of Nebraska has alarming news for the electric vehicle industry and policy makers focused on pushing cars onto consumers.of canadian press report This study reveals something that anyone who can reason critically has known for years. That means U.S. highway guardrails aren't strong enough to […]

Top US Automaker Reports $1.7 Billion Loss On Electric Vehicles In Fourth Quarter

General Motors reported a $1.7 billion loss on production and sales of electric vehicle products in its fourth-quarter earnings report Tuesday, despite positive net income growth for the quarter. The automaker's fourth-quarter net income rose 5.2% year-over-year to $2.1 billion, even though revenue fell 0.3% in the period. according to Go to GM's fourth quarter […]

First fully electric assist tug boat built at Alabama shipyard

Corden Shipyards in Alabama is a small, family-owned facility that was the construction site for the first fully electric ship support port tug produced in the United States. eWolf is America's first fully electric vessel-assisted harbor tug. The eWolf, as the boat is known, was built in its shipyard by a master boat builder. Corden […]

UniSource electric customers to see 12% bill increase

UniSource Energy Services, an electric customer in Santa Cruz and Mohave counties, will see its average monthly residential bill increase by nearly $14, or about 12%, after state regulators approved the company's first general rate increase in more than seven years. It turns out. The five-member Arizona Corporation Commission voted 4-1 on Wednesday, Jan. 17, […]

Average electric bills to increase by $13.68/mo, starting Feb. 1 | Local News Stories

The Arizona Corporation Commission approved new rates for UniSource Energy Services this week and are expected to go into effect in early February. For most Lake Havasu City residents, this means an average monthly bill increase of $13.68. The rate hike was approved at an Arizona Corporation Commission hearing on Wednesday. Unisource officials said customers' […]

Electric Video Shows Jason Kelce Absolutely Losing It Cheering On His Brother

Pro Bowl center Jason Kelce announced his retirement from the NFL last week, but that hasn't stopped him from rooting for his brother Travis in a big way. According to a video posted to the Kansas City Chiefs' He was observed screaming loudly. Twitter) account. no. 1 Hypeman!!!!@Jason Kelce X @newheightshow pic.twitter.com/S9k3shjOf5 — Kansas City […]