FACT CHECK: Was Kamala Harris Ranked The Most Liberal Senator By GovTrack?

post Share with X Florida Republican Sen. Mike Walz argues that Vice President Kamala Harris was once ranked the most liberal senator by GovTrack. Reminder: Kamala Harris is ranked the most liberal left-wing senator by nonpartisan GovTrack. She is further left than Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. She's the squad leader! — Rep. Mike Waltz (@michaelgwaltz) […]

FACT CHECK: Video Claims Houthis Have Hit 171 Vessels

video Share with X The Houthis claim to have sunk or attacked 171 ships. The Houthis have successfully targeted 171 Israeli-linked vessels since October 2023. I love Yemen's Khanjar Triangle 🔻 pic.twitter.com/yD8aWTdQDs — PVT (@hoaxvstruths) July 19, 2024 Verdict: Misleading There is no evidence that the Houthis have not sunk 171 ships or attacked 171 […]

FACT CHECK: Did The Trump Shooter Post ‘July 13 Will Be My Premiere’ On Steam?

Multiple media, e.g. Fox Newsreports that Thomas Matthew Crooks, the suspect in the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump, posted on Steam, “Premiering July 13th. Watch as it unfolds.” Verdict: Misleading Investigators believed the account may have been linked to Crooks, but it was later determined to be fake, according to multiple sources, and […]

FACT CHECK: Image Of Donald Trump Has Been Edited To Show Enlarged Chin

image Share with X It is said to be a profile portrait of former President Donald Trump, showing his large double chin. Isn’t the fact that the US is considering a convicted criminal like Trump for president a good enough reason to get closer to the EU? pic.twitter.com/udI13LDGU3 — Dave Sumner-Smith (@davesumnersmith) July 18, 2024 […]

FACT CHECK: Trump Was Struck By A Bullet Despite Online Claims

post Share with X He claims that former President Donald Trump's injuries were caused by glass, not a bullet. Trump disappeared for 10 days after the debate and no one asked why. I think he had Covid but they don't want us to know, just like they don't want us to know that Trump got […]

FACT CHECK: Instagram Post Purports To Show Trump Rally Shooter Wearing A Yarmulke

image Share on Instagram The video purports to show Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old man who committed a mass shooting in Butler, Pennsylvania, at a July 13 campaign rally for former President and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, wearing a yarmulke. Verdict: False On July 19, Lead Stories reported that the claim was false […]