Arizona residents favor protecting state dialect

PHOENIX – Have you ever been caught in a haboob? Have you ever driven on a side road? Have you used Swampbox? These are some of the terms you may hear while in State 48 and the majority of residents want them preserved. According to a Writing Tips Institute survey, 57% of Arizonans who voted […]

Court nominees lean political – now favor Dems

Posted by Keira Riley Arizona Capitol Times March 9, 2023 For the first time in over a decade, Democrats overtook Republicans on the initial and appellate court nomination lists. Enter your username and password in the fields above to access subscriber content on this site. Your subscription includes one set of dedicated login credentials. This […]

Should federal grants favor highway repair over expansion? | National

Arizona officials call the notoriously busy desert highway through tribal lands the Wild Horse Pass Corridor. This is a label that has less to do with horses than the bustling casino of the same name located just north of where the interstate is restricted to his four lanes. With the support of the Gila River […]