REPORT: New Military Junta Ruling US Ally Seeks Support From Russia’s Wagner Group

The military junta currently ruling the Republic of Niger has threatened a possible military intervention by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the Associated Press (AP) reported on Saturday. He asked the group for help. General Salihu Modi, one of the coup masterminds who overthrew the government of democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoom […]

Mexico Finds Nearly 300 Children In Group Of Migrants Traveling To US

Mexican authorities said Friday they had found nearly 500 U.S.-bound migrants, more than half of whom were children, hidden in a compound near Mexico City. Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration officials said 491 migrants were being held in a walled compound near the city of Puebla, next to a route frequented by migrant smugglers, CBS […]

Elderly NYC Cab Driver Beaten By Group Of 5

On July 19, a group of five suspects punched an elderly New York City taxi driver in broad daylight on a street in Midtown Manhattan, The New York Post reported. Two men and three women were seen repeatedly hitting a 60-year-old taxi driver who showed no signs of fighting back, trying to avoid the blows. […]

New Solano group cancels Vacaville event with election denier after inquiry

Vacaville – A new group in Solano County, believed to have ties to national extremist movements, canceled an event with Douglas G. Frank, a former math and science teacher who spread false claims about the 2020 election, a day after being questioned about the event by the Vallejo Sun newspaper. The Solano Safety Committee, which […]

Popular Children’s Book Changed Character’s Pronoun, Parental Rights Group Apparently Finds

A custody group seems to have discovered on Wednesday that a popular children’s book appears to have had character pronouns changed. The parents reported to Utah Parents United that:Narwhal: sea unicornAccording to the group’s Facebook page, Ben Clanton’s “” changed the main character’s pronoun. (Related: Kids’ Summer Reading List Promotes Gender, Toddler’s ‘Pronoun Book’) “Gender […]

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