Jelly Roll’s Wife Opens Up About Leaving The Sex Trade Industry

Jelly Roll's wife, Bunny XO, is celebrating her one year anniversary of retiring from the sex industry after years of working as a high class escort. She reflected on this milestone by posting a message on Facebook about changing her lifestyle at the same time as her 2023 announcement. She said, “Oh, I retired from […]

Dems Mum On Biden’s Newest Air Quality Regulation Threatening Industry In Their States

Democratic senators and governors did not say whether they support or oppose the Biden administration's latest air quality regulations, despite the policy's potential to harm the state. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Confirmed Updates to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for particulate matter PM2.5 impose tougher restrictions despite warnings from industry executives, energy policy […]

Listen Up Scientists! Your Industry Just Had A Great Idea (Finally)

An article published in Nature on Wednesday suggests a very good idea that could revolutionize the research, development, and experimental science industries. The 'Wandering Scholar' program will launch at the University of Cambridge in 2024. according to And they absolutely should become part of the American scientific community's canon. Wandering researchers are much like traveling […]

Biden EPA Unveils Strict Air Pollution Rule That Could Hamstring American Industry

The Biden administration on Wednesday imposed tough new air pollution standards for particulate matter (PM2.5), despite warnings from industry executives that tougher standards could be devastating to the U.S. economy. The final decision was made. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) completed Updates to the National Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for PM2.5 impose tougher restrictions despite warnings […]

Europe Wanted Cheap Solar Panels. Now China Is About To Totally Take Over The Industry

According to Politico, if policymakers don't intervene quickly to protect European companies, Chinese manufacturers could soon consolidate their dominance in the European solar market. Europe has set aside billions of euros to significantly increase its reliance on solar panels for power generation, and the continent's rush to go green has led to cheaper Chinese products […]

Tuberville, Britt warn Biden against order threatening Alabama’s catfish industry

Both Alabama senators warned the Biden administration of a dire economic outlook for U.S. catfish farmers and processors if it adopts the interim decision. reduce that responsibility Issues surrounding catfish imported from Vietnam. in the letter The administration should reverse its move to abandon decades of precedent that has leveled the playing field for the […]

DAVID BLACKMON: The EV Industry Had A No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Week

The past week has been full of some ridiculous news coming out of the electric car world. First, there was an article by the BBC that read: Activist He let the air out of a Tesla's tires and left a flyer under the car's windshield wipers scolding owners who had harmed Mother Gaia by driving […]