Woman’s Head Found At Same Park Where Kids Discovered Severed Limbs

A woman's head was found Friday in the same Long Island park where a man's arm was found Thursday, according to multiple reports. Investigators found five severed limbs at Suthers Park Pond in Babylon, New York. according to NBC. The head, legs and arms were found to be those of a woman, all believed to […]

Tech Billionaire’s Right, More Kids Should Drop Out Of College

In any case, it has become increasingly clear that universities are a racket. It suppresses the best and brightest and subordinates their potential to bureaucratic ladders of racial and gender hierarchies. And for others, the vast majority, it's not worth it at all. So it's good news that conservative billionaire Peter Thiel's six-figure offer to […]

Pima County, Ariz. invests in preschool for 1,600 kids

Experts say quality early childhood education contributes to improved social development, health and employment, but it comes at a cost. The Pima County, Arizona Board of Supervisors is investing in the future of its community and providing access to quality early education for children from families who cannot afford the average $800 per month it […]

Kristen Stewart Says Execs Wanted ‘Twilight’ To Be Film For Kids

Kristen Stewart spoke about her experience filming the Twilight series in an interview with Rolling Stone on Wednesday. The star, who became world-famous for her role as Bella Swan in the blockbuster Twilight series, talks candidly about the behind-the-scenes aspects of making the film. The series, which includes five films, not only grossed a staggering […]

China Executes Couple Who Threw Two Young Kids Out Of High-Rise Apartment Window: REPORT

A Chinese father and his mistress have been executed as punishment for their alleged crimes, Fox News reported Thursday. Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen were convicted and executed for the premeditated murder of Zhang's two young children. according to On Fox News. The incident occurred in Chongqing in November 2020, when Zhang threw her two-year-old […]

This law would make chronological feeds the default for kids

Social media companies shuffle posts and ads with complex algorithms to create a never-ending stream of entertainment and design feeds to be as engaging as possible. A new California law will require companies to block these algorithms by default for users under 18, which lawmakers say will reduce the negative mental health effects of social […]