Mushroom ‘Barbie’ Hoax Is The Kind Of Chaos We All Need Right Now

Even if the “Barbie” movie wasn’t all that strange to you, the hoax perpetrated by a gang of anti-plastic people on Tuesday is stranger than fiction to those of us who weren’t involved. As journalists around the world woke up on the morning of August 1st, announcement Probably from Mattel. All new Barbie dolls will […]

86,000-Year-Old Human Remains Uncovered, Thought To Be First Of Their Kind

The remains of some of the earliest modern humans to invade Asia have been found in caves in Laos, according to research results released on Tuesday. Excavations at Tampaling Cave over the past seven years have found bone fragments of early modern humans who inhabited the area approximately 86,000 years ago and may have lived […]

How to find the kind of rose you want

Daily Sun’s Carol Chicchi Special Sometimes it’s easy to find the rose you want. Chances are you know its common or scientific name, or have seen something similar in nurseries. To hunt down the rose of your dreams, you need two tools. The first is the American Rose Society’s Annual Rose Selection Handbook. Here at […]