Arizona legislative races for Yuma County

Who will lead Arizona into the future? This is the question you will answer on your ballot when choosing the candidate to represent you in the Phoenix State Capitol. Legislative District 23 includes Southern Yuma County. The Arizona Senate primary will not be held this year, and Democrat Brian Fernandez will face Republican Gary Garcia […]

Fentanyl affects families, sparks Arizona legislative fights

PRESCOTT – Ashley Dunn loved fishing. When she was 16, her father Mitch Dunn, she and her family snuck into the 5th hole of the south course of Antelope Hills Golf Course to see if they could catch a carp swimming in the lake. She swam in reclaimed water and came home with a 3-pound […]

3-mile-long train in West Valley cited as problem in legislative testimony

PHOENIX – A licensed locomotive engineer testified last week about problems caused by miles of trains, citing examples familiar to West Valley drivers. Scott Jones told the Arizona House Transportation Infrastructure Committee that the two major railroads operating in the state are longer than the 8,500-foot limit proposed in a law approved by the committee […]

Water, climate change top legislative issues for Sierra Club, activists

As two decades of severe drought intensify the impacts of climate change across the Southwest, causing shortages on the Colorado River, increasing the frequency and magnitude of wildfires, and endangering wildlife and human health, the Sierra Clubs and other environmental advocates are lobbying state leaders. Take bold action before it’s too late. 42 Climate, Faith […]

GOP legislative proposal would ask voters to decide on splitting Maricopa into four counties

The 2022 proposal to divide Maricopa County is similar to Rep. Alexander Collodin’s proposal.Image: Arizona Mirror Two Republican lawmakers have proposed dividing Maricopa County into four counties. News promotion: Republican Scottsdale Rep. Alexander Collodin sponsored HCR2018 and submitted the plan to a vote in November 2024. Senator Jake Hoffman of R-Queen Creek also said, Specification […]