New York Jury Finds NRA Officials Liable In Case Brought By Letitia James

A New York jury on Friday found National Rifle Association (NRA) officials liable for millions of dollars in damages. New York's Democratic Attorney General Letitia James sued the gun rights group in August 2020, seeking to disband it.Juror finds former NRA CEO and executive vice president Wayne LaPierre liable for $5.4 million, FOX News report. […]

NRA CEO Reveals Why He Resigned During Fraud Trial Brought By Letitia James

National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre announced Tuesday in a New York fraud scandal that the reason for his resignation was because he had been diagnosed with terminal Lyme disease, according to Reload's Stephen Gakowski. I testified. Gutkowski said LaPierre, 74, who announced his resignation Wednesday, Jan. 5, for health reasons, said in a […]