High Speed Chases on the Rise as Migrants on the Run | Marcus Ringo

photo courtesyEric McLeanuponunsplash Smugglers and migrants are becoming increasingly desperate and resorting to more dangerous and risky modes of transportation. Over the weekend, off the coast of San Diego, some migrants were hit by one of the deadliest and most tragic maritime smuggling incidents in modern history.according to LA Times, two boats that capsized with […]

Marcus Epps, Javon Hargrave start D exodus

It’s becoming clear that the Eagles in 2023 will look very different from last month’s Super Bowl team. The Eagles have nearly 20 free agents as the new league year officially begins March 15 at 4 p.m.Negotiations can start on Monday at 12:01pm This could also include a new mega deal for quarterback Jaylen Hurts. […]

US Citizens Getting Paid $800 a Piece to Drive Illegals | Marcus Ringo

car driving through dunesphoto courtesyAlex Azabacheuponunsplash Arizona is making a lot of headlines these days, and for good reason! Our population is growing by the count, the Super Bowl is coming to Glendale and we are a budding tech hub Unfortunately, not all of that growth can be accounted for, and it is questionable whether […]

Maricopa County medical examiner report shows constables shot Marcus Mungeam

A report released last week by the Maricopa County coroner’s office proves that one of the officers involved in evicting Marcus Mungeam from his home in June ultimately shot him in the neck. increase. They initially said the victim shot him in the head, but the office’s report points to the obvious omission that they […]