JASON SNEAD: Dems Embrace Foreign Cash Influencing Key Ballot Measures

Most Americans agree that elections should be free from foreign influence. Apparently, some Democrats think differently. This week, the Ohio Senate passed it Landmark legislation by Sen. Teresa Gavarone and Sen. Rob McCauley to ban foreign influence in vital voting measure campaigns. The problem couldn't be simpler.McCauley role put The question is, “Will we oppose […]

Here’s How A Few Ballot Measures Could Upend Future Elections In Numerous States

Activists and left-wing groups want many states to introduce ranked-choice voting (RCV) to ballots, which, if passed, would fundamentally change how elections are conducted across the country. The RCV model requires voters to rank candidates in order of preference, followed by several rounds of counting if no option initially receives a majority of votes. Nevada […]

Bill banning DEI measures for public entities passes Senate committee

A Senate committee on Wednesday approved passage of a bill that would ban diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives from certain public entities in Alabama. The bill, SB129, is sponsored by Sen. Will Barfoot, R-Pike Road. The law states that public higher education institutions, state agencies, and local boards of education are prohibited from promoting or […]

Flagstaff avalanche center measures risks in northern Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona (3TV/CBS 5) – Avalanche danger is high across the country, including Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. There is currently no danger of avalanches at high altitudes. Kachina Peaks Avalanche CenterFlagstaff residents want people to be aware of the risks and be prepared. On average, 28 people die each year from avalanches. There have been […]

‘You’re Trying To Kill Me’: Tucker Discusses ‘Pro-Death’ Measures Taken During COVID

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said Thursday on his Twitter show, “The Tucker Carlson Encounter,” that he believes it was pushed by public health officials during the COVID-19 pandemic. He spoke with former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson about “pro-death” measures. Berenson, who has spoken out against mainstream narratives about the coronavirus, appeared on […]

Canadian Food Safety Agency implements temporary measures to address U.S. romaine lettuce

To mitigate the risks associated with E. coli O157:H7 in US romaine lettuce, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has announced the introduction of temporary Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) licensing terms. The measures will be implemented from 28 September to 20 December. The action was taken to address repeated outbreaks of food poisoning associated […]

Florence schools launches new safety measures for new year

Rita Ann Esai Resnick, Florence Unified School District Several new safety initiatives will be implemented in all schools in the Florence Unified School District this year. “See Something, Say Something” is a safety campaign that incorporates the use of an anonymous reporting line. Students can use the Reporting Line to report anything anonymously if they […]

Hobbs puts veto stamp to work again – 119 measures rejected

Arizona counties cannot get state approval to begin the manual counting process. Governor Katie Hobbs on Friday vetoed Rep. Gail Griffin’s proposal to allow officials in charge of elections to tally votes without using automated tallies. The governor said it was unacceptable. “Manual ballot counting is arguably less accurate and time consuming than machine counting,” […]