David Rainer: Forever Wild Board commits to feral hog mitigation

As the Forever Wild Land Trust prepares for its first meeting of the year on February 1 in Montgomery, the FWLT Board of Directors will spend up to $1 million to strengthen existing efforts. The focus will be on the initiative adopted at the last meeting in 2023. Reduce the impact of feral pig populations. […]

County uses new ‘less intrusive’ strategy for Schultz flood mitigation

Daily Sun Stuff As Coconino County and the U.S. Forest Service grapple with the effects of the 2022 pipeline fires, workers at Tiffany & Co. began work on new flood mitigation infrastructure north of Flagstaff in Schultz Creek on Monday. “The Coconino County Flood Control District is committed to reducing the impact of post-fire flooding […]

Local officials applaud state funding, reimbursements for flooding mitigation

Coconino County and Flagstaff officials last week thanked state agencies for their help in dealing with recent flooding and fire problems. With the area facing multiple wildfires near Flagstaff and the effects of recurring flooding, local officials said without assistance and funding from the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM), a He said […]

Opioid mitigation efforts underway in Pima County

The Pima County Board of Supervisors approved the allocation of $180,000 in settlement funds for opioid mitigation efforts at a board meeting Tuesday. The allocated funds will enable the immediate purchase and distribution of Narcan, the brand name of naloxone, a drug used to control opioid overdose. Funding comes from the One Arizona Agreement, a […]

Officials approve more than $100M for Pipeline flood mitigation work

This week, Coconino County officials finalized more than $100 million in funding for post-wildfire flood mitigation. This follows his 26,500-acre pipeline fire last summer that caused devastating flooding in and around Flagstaff. Flood officials this week approved $42 million from the US Forest Service for projects in and around San Francisco Peaks. Work is expected […]

Flagstaff flood mitigation projects moving forward thanks to Prop. 441

Flagstaff — Ever since the museum fire ravaged nearly 2,000 acres of land just north of Mount Elden, Mike Martinel’s family has maintained high vigilance during the monsoons. The 2019 fires eventually damaged a significant portion of the Spruce Wash Basin, creating a massive flooded area that included a house that had been owned by […]

Silver Belt | Gila County approves Miami flood mitigation contract

Facing a December 4 completion deadline, the Gila County Board of Supervisors last week approved a contract for a flood mitigation project in Miami. At its October 18 meeting, the Board approved a $421,173 ordering agreement (refundable through Natural Resource Conservation Services) with J. Banicki Construction of Phoenix for the Bloody Tanks Wash project. The […]