Summer stargazing in Arizona – Arizona PBS

Arizona was recently ranked as one of the best places to stargaze in the summer. Knowing where to go for the best viewing experience is arguably in the stargazer’s best interest.there are some cities on the list. Saguaro Astronomy Club President Michael Pople joined Arizona Horizons to discuss the best places in Arizona for stargazing. […]

Pinal County Election Problems – Arizona PBS

Pinal County elections director Virginia Ross has evidence of inaccuracies that she did not flag before county supervisors approved the results of the November election, Jen Fifield reports. Instead, she said she would keep her numbers and collected a $25,000 bonus. Fifield said a statewide recount last winter showed hundreds of votes were initially uncounted […]

Journalists’ roundtable: 4-28-23 – Arizona PBS

Camryn Sanchez, Howie Fisher, and Laurie Roberts join Arizona Horizon host Ted Simmons on Sanchez vs. Rogers, the Tamale controversy and the Bible controversy, the Cochise County election, officials’ Medicaid and education budget concerns, and more. We discussed the latest top news stories of the week. Sanchez vs Rogers Camryn Sanchez, a reporter for the […]

Journalists’ Roundtable: 3-10-23 – Arizona PBS

It’s Friday. In other words, it’s time for a roundtable of journalists. Join us tonight to see this week’s top stories: Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic, AZCentral.comRepublic of Arizona, Mary Jo Pitzle, AZCentral.comJim Small, Arizona Miller. Topics covered: Attorney General Chris Mays Sues Cochise County Over Election Control Where did this all begin and what is […]

Journalists’ Roundtable: 3-3-23 – Arizona PBS

Mark Brodie of KJZZ, Camryn Sanchez of Arizona Capital Times and Bob Christie of Capital Media Services attended. Here are the top news: Election Integrity Hearings What happened at the hearing? “There have been quite a few conspiracy theories, including that elected officials were being bribed by drug cartels in Sinaloa,” Brody said. Governors and […]

MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace – Arizona PBS

When you’re craving Mexican food in Arizona, nothing compares to Mexican Chilaquiles Martin’s Breakfast Palace. A Flagstaff staple serving traditional and hearty Mexican breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Known as the house the Chilaquiles built, this restaurant offers a choice of red sauce, known as Christmas style, verde sauce, or both. It’s a cozy, welcoming space […]