In defense of darkness | On Point

Sign up for the On Point newsletter here. The earth needs darkness as much as it needs light. But human light pollution is pushing back the darkness, changing the natural world and potentially harming us too. The guests Johann Ekloff, scientist, bat of The Darkness Manifesto: Light Pollution, Nocturnal Ecology, and the Ancient Rhythms […]

Boiling Point: Fossil fuel ads galore

This article originally appeared in Boiling Point, a weekly newsletter on climate change and the environment. SIGN UP HERE Receive in your inbox. There is this concept called “Social License to Operation”. This basically refers to what the industry is generally considered to be legal or acceptable. As climate scientists increasingly discover that new coal, […]

Point in Time study determines where people sought shelter on one January night

Race, ethnicity, and gender descriptors have been expanded and set new goals. Before sending out volunteers for this year’s PIT count, HUD identified a few priorities. First, it measures the number of unaccompanied youth, or those under the age of 24 who do not have shelter. While demographic data will always be collected for this […]