District Attorney Responds To Bragg, Breaks Down Legal Process For Why State Won’t Extradite Murder Suspect To NYC

Republican Maricopa County District Attorney Rachel Mitchell responded Wednesday to Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, detailing the legal process for not extraditing a murder suspect to New York City. Mr. Mitchell appeared on NewsNation's “Dan Abrams Live” to discuss his recent opposition to the extradition of murder suspect Raad Noa al-Mansoori to New York […]

Maricopa Co. details signature verification process for mail-in ballots

Lately, there has been a lot of attention to the electoral process, especially mail-in voting and how it is verified. On Feb. 14, an employee from the Maricopa County Elections Department explained how the election process works. Once your ballot arrives, the verification process begins. The process begins by matching all the signatures a person […]

FBI Hired Barely Literate Candidates, Urged Fat Applicant To Continue Process, Report Alleges

The FBI is considering lowering its hiring standards, overestimating applicants and hiring employees with little literacy, a group of current and former FBI agents and analysts claim. In a report submitted to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, FBI officials describe how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is prioritized in the hiring process, and how […]

Ozark library board disagrees on book review process

Conversations continue among Ozarkdale County Library officials about how to handle book reconsideration requests. The board has already acted on one of only two known reconsideration requests in its history, but on Wednesday the board asked how it should address such challenges in the future. There was no consensus on the matter. The agenda included […]

Inside the latest legal tug-of-war in Alabama medical cannabis awards process

On Wednesday, Montgomery Circuit Court Judge James Anderson granted several unsuccessful medical marijuana license applicants' requests for a temporary restraining order (TRO) on the issuance of marijuana licenses to all integrated facility recipients. An integrated facility license allows its owner to grow, process, transport, and distribute medical marijuana to eligible Alabama patients. The five integrated […]

Friends of Aphasia helps Tucson stroke survivors & other patients process words

Before his first stroke, Peter Sadatomousavi was an engineer at a mining company in San Jose, California, and had an MBA from a university in Germany. In 2018, Sadatmusavi suffered three consecutive strokes and was diagnosed with aphasia as a result. Aphasia was caused by brain damage that left him unable to speak. Now when […]

Process to extradite Lori Vallow Daybell to Arizona underway

PHOENIX — Proceedings are underway to extradite Lori Valor Daybell to the state of Arizona. A warrant for her arrest was filed in Maricopa County on Wednesday, according to superior court documents. A note under the filing document states that the warrant was “submitted for extradition proceedings.” Prosecutors were planning to extradite to Arizona a […]