Food inspector rates 12 excellent, 4 satisfactory

According to the Pinal County Environmental Service, the inspections listed below were conducted from March 3rd to March 23rd. excellent rating Aliberto’s Mexican food (visited on March 3) Central Arizona College Culinary (visited March 23) Dairy Queen-Maricopa Shell (inspected March 3) Gyro grill (visited on March 20) Helen’s Kitchen LLC (visited March 16) Fry’s Market […]

Jail costs rising as county negotiates incarceration rates | Local News Stories

The cost of incarcerating Mojave County inmates increased 46.4% this year to more than $107 per day per inmate. And the county may not be charging municipalities enough for its services, according to some members of the county board. The Mojave County Board of Supervisors was set to adopt new reservation and housing rates in […]

Coconino County still at low COVID level as flu rates rise slightly

Coconino County Health and Human Services (CCHHS) latest report says COVID-19 cases continued to decline in Coconino County in the week ending February 25, while other respiratory illnesses increased slightly Did. COVID Coconino County continues to have low community levels of COVID, with both community-level indicators remaining at similar levels over the past week, according […]

Respiratory disease rates continue falling in Coconino County

Respiratory disease rates continued to decline in Coconino County this month, with the latest update showing COVID-19 community levels remain low and flu and respiratory syncytial virus rates are declining. I’m here. COVID Both community-level indicators fell into the low category for the week ending Jan. 28, with the county reporting a rate of 2.1 […]

County sets property tax rates for 2022-23 fiscal year | News

At its August 16th meeting, the La Paz County Supervisory Board approved property taxes and rates for the 2022-23 fiscal year. In addition to county taxes and rates, we also approved school district and fire district taxes and rates. , and other special districts around the county. These rates are approved by supervisors, but are […]

Unemployment Rates By City 1/9/2023 – Forbes Advisor

Editor’s note: I earn commissions from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect editors’ opinions or ratings. The national unemployment rate has been below 4% since December 2021 and is now at 3.4%, down 0.5% from a year ago. But to get an accurate picture of the job market in your area, you’ll […]

Supervisors clarify language in new park rates | News

La Paz County supervisors have approved a new language for the fees set for the county’s parks to clear up confusion and give park staff better direction. but reverted on December 5th to clarify some points. One of the issues that emerged was the county’s use of La Paz County Park. The new language states […]

Flagstaff Trash and Recycle Rates Increase

open audio article player To staff | | upon January 14, 2023 City of Flagstaff Audio of the article was made possible by the CAST11 Prescott Podcast Network. Production of Talking Glass Media. In 2018, the Flagstaff City Council approved a 7.5% annual increase in residential trash and recycling collection rates from 2019 to 2023. […]