Opinion | What happened to Republicans?

The other night I turned on the TV and watched an episode of “The Daily Show” featuring a clip of right-wing fishstick darling Tucker Carlson accusing America of buying cheap groceries in communist Russia. I caught the beginning. Days earlier, Tommy Tuberville, Alabama's senior senator and expert on global policy and trilateral government, launched a […]

Is It Time For Republicans To Hit The Panic Button After Special Election Defeat?

Despite a disappointing showing for Republicans in Tuesday's special election to replace scandal-plagued former Republican Rep. George Santos, here are some reasons why this loss may not bode well for November's election. be. In New York's 3rd Congressional District, former Democratic Congressman Tom Suozzi defeated Republican candidate Maji Melesa Pilip by about 8 points. according […]

‘Accountability is here’ – Alabama’s U.S. House Republicans impeach Mayorkas

The U.S. House of Representatives impeached Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday in a near party-line vote of 214-213. This was the second attempt to impeach a cabinet minister, after failing to garner enough votes last week. The articles of impeachment now go to the U.S. Senate, but are unlikely to pass […]

‘Liar And Rogue Bureaucrat’: Republicans Sound Off After Mayorkas Impeachment

House Republicans celebrated the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on social media Tuesday night. The House voted 214-213 to impeach Mayorkas. Vote after agreeing rethink resolution. So far in the House, Republicans Ken Buck of Colorado, Tom McClintock of California, Blake Moore of Utah, and Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin have voted “no.” As […]

Senate Passes Ukraine Aid Bill After Republicans Pull All-Nighter Delaying Passage

The Senate passed a bill Tuesday morning that would appropriate $95 billion in new military aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, after several Republican senators delayed passage for eight hours with opposition speeches. On February 4, the Senate released language for a bipartisan national security bill that would provide aid to Ukraine during its conflict […]

ROOKE: So-Called Republicans Are Helping Biden Gaslight Americans

Republicans want nothing more than to wrench defeat from the jaws of victory, and the disastrous Senate border bill did just that. Everyone thought the 2024 election would revolve around abortion and other social justice issues, but polls continue to show the border crisis and economy at the top Concerns For Americans. Both issues are […]

‘We’ll Get It Done’: House Republicans Say They’ll Try To Impeach Mayorkas Again

Several members of the House Republican Conference told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Wednesday that they will seek to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for a second time after Tuesday's vote to impeach him failed. The article of impeachment against Mayorkas was voted down. 214 agree to 216 disagree, all House Democrats were […]