‘Unsupported By Any Evidence’: Legal Scholars Blast AOC Impeachment Move In ‘Profoundly Cynical’ SCOTUS Crusade

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez launched a new attack on the Supreme Court on Wednesday, but legal experts say the move will do little other than further undermine the court's legitimacy. Ocasio-Cortez Introduced Congress introduced articles of impeachment against Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito on Wednesday, suggesting that the justices are corrupt or […]

Bill Barr Reality Checks Trump Critics Following SCOTUS Ruling

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr has provided a reality check on criticism of the Supreme Court's decision granting former President Donald Trump “absolute immunity” for his official duties while in office. Trump's critics argued that the decision put the president above the law by giving him absolute power to carry out any illegal decisions […]

John Kennedy Says Justice Department ‘Got It Good And Hard’ In SCOTUS Immunity Decision

Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana said Monday that the Biden administration had sought a swift Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity and “robustly won it.” The Supreme Court ruled in former President Donald Trump's immunity appeal that a president enjoys immunity from prosecution for “official business” while in office. Kennedy called the 6-3 decision, […]

JOSH HAMMER: Trump’s Squishy SCOTUS Picks Could Come Back To Haunt Him

One of the most underappreciated recent trends in American law and politics has been obscured by several high-profile conservative victories on the Supreme Court, and thus There are three tendencies of former President Donald Trump that have received little attention. The power of appointment of the High Court is soft and unreliable. The truth is […]