Bull riding night, drill team added to rodeo – Silvercity Daily Press

(Daily press file photo)Above is a cowboy riding a vehicle during a past rodeo. This year’s Wild Wild West Rodeo starts Thursday, with gates opening at 5pm and the rodeo starting at 7pm. The Wild Wild West Rodeo adds an event opening Thursday night and the first performance in almost a decade by a local […]

County to discuss new hospital board April 25 – Silvercity Daily Press

(Press staff photo: Joe Lutz)American Gila’s tour organizer Jack Brennan was impressed by the county commission who named this year’s event Martin Pearson and Alex Olsen’s Gila Tour in honor of the late owners of the Gila hike and bike. accepted the proclamation. Joe Lutzdaily press staffThursday’s regular meeting of the Grant County Commission included […]

Debris removed, but dams delayed – Silvercity Daily Press

(Press staff photo: Joe Lutz)Mimbres’ Grijalva Ditch’s headgate is now stuck in a bend in the middle of the channel. Joe Lutzdaily press staffAs this year’s legislative session continues, farmers in the Gila and Mimbres river basins are desperate for help to restore vital irrigation infrastructure destroyed by floods during last summer’s very wet monsoon […]

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