Applicants sought for vacancy on Safford School Board

Posted By: David Bell March 22, 2023 SAFORD — The Office of the Superintendent of Schools in Graham County is accepting applications to fill vacancies on the Safford Unified School District Board of Directors. The vacancy was created by the resignation of director Margaret Vidales. Vidales accepted a position with a firm contracted to provide […]

Slain woman found in 1989 Mohave County ID’d; person of interest sought

Authorities are searching for a man linked to a woman who died in Mojave County in 1989 and whose children remain missing. According to the Mojave County Sheriff’s Office, DNA analysis has identified Marina Ramos, then 28, of Bakersfield, Calif., as the woman killed on Old Temple Bar Road off White Hills Road on December […]

Public Comment Sought on Applicants for Chief Adult Probation Officer

Audio of the article was made possible by the CAST11 Prescott Podcast Network. Production of Talking Glass Media. The Yavapai County Superior Court is seeking public comment on applicants for the adult probation officer position, which is vacant due to the upcoming retirement of Commissioner John Morris. Left to right: Kathy Ryder, Brian Prieto, Melanie […]

Public comment sought for proposed Coconino County Fair admission price hike

The Coconino County Board of Supervisors is considering increasing park admission fees. 2023 Coconino County Fair, And it seeks public opinion. Ticket prices for the fair have not changed since 2008. According to a Coconino County press release, the new admission prices reflect rising fair costs and reflect the event’s growth and current staffing needs. […]

Information sought in 1989 homicide | Kingman Daily Miner

KINGMAN — The Special Investigations Division of the Mojave County Sheriff’s Department is seeking information from the public about the 1989 unsolved murder. On December 12, 1989, a female murder victim was located on Old Temple Bar Road off White Hills Road in Mojave County, about 50 miles south of Las Vegas. The victim was […]

Qualified Applicants Sought for Teacher Education Scholarships

Audio of the article was made possible by the CAST11 Prescott Podcast Network. Production of Talking Glass Media. Over $28,000 is available from the Gardner Family Teacher Scholarship (GiFTS), formerly the Yavapai County Education Scholarship Fund (ESEYC), to support aspiring teachers in Yavapai County. Yavapai County residents interested in pursuing an education degree are eligible […]

Point in Time study determines where people sought shelter on one January night

Race, ethnicity, and gender descriptors have been expanded and set new goals. Before sending out volunteers for this year’s PIT count, HUD identified a few priorities. First, it measures the number of unaccompanied youth, or those under the age of 24 who do not have shelter. While demographic data will always be collected for this […]

Man arrested, 2 sought in deadly South Los Angeles street takeover

Detectives likened suspects’ ability to evade police to movies and a ‘game of chess’ Police said Tuesday they had arrested a 28-year-old man wanted in connection with the death of a woman during the Christmas Occupation of South Los Angeles in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dante Chapple Young was arrested last week and is awaiting extradition […]