These 3 strategies could determine if Kamala Harris can overtake Trump

Washington – For Vice President Kamala Harris, almost everything has gone well in the early stages of her surprise presidential campaign. She has quickly solidified support from party leaders. Significant increase in financial contributions and Enthusiasm erupts among party activists It dispelled the despair that had enveloped many Democrats. But Harris still trails former President […]

House Passes Bipartisan Resolution Establishing Trump Assassination Attempt Task Force

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a resolution to establish a bipartisan select committee to investigate the July 13 assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump. HR 1367: Taking the lead The select committee bill, introduced by House Speaker Mike Johnson and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, passed the House unanimously. The announcement comes […]

Trump Shooter Searched ‘How Far Away’ JFK Assassin Was, Christopher Wray Reveals

A 20-year-old man who plotted to assassinate former President Donald Trump had searched the internet for details about the distance by which John F. Kennedy was assassinated, FBI Director Christopher Wray said Wednesday. Suspect Thomas Michael Crooks climbed to the roof of a building near the former president's rally and came within range of Trump's […]

‘We Do Not Care’: Emboldened North Korea Warns US Should ‘Worry’ Even If Trump Wins

North Korea “doesn't care” whether former President Donald Trump wins the US presidential election in November, but has warned that the US “should be worried” either way, according to North Korean state media. Trump has regularly touted the previous administration's success in bringing North Korea to the negotiating table on issues such as denuclearization, and […]

Bryson DeChambeau Chops It Up With Donald Trump On The Golf Course

“This will be one of the greatest rounds of golf ever played” – Donald Trump Mr. President, I agree. I agree. LIV Golf Superstar Bryson DeChambeau On Monday, YouTube's “Break 50” series featured an incredible guest: President Donald J. Trump. The two played a game of golf together, but it wasn't just any game: it […]