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Team Biden Reportedly Worrying Behind Closed Doors That France’s Liberal Darling President Is Electorally Doomed

Biden administration officials are concerned that one of their closest political allies, French President Emmanuel Macron, could suffer a major defeat in France's upcoming parliamentary elections, Politico reported Saturday.

Macron, who has been seen as a bulwark against the European right, dissolved the country's parliament and called for early general elections starting Sunday in an attempt to prove there was still support for his policies in France after his right-wing parties made big gains in European Parliament elections in early June. Behind closed doors, Biden aides have expressed confusion and concern over Macron's decision to call an unnecessary election. The poor performance of Marcon's more liberal party has raised questions about European Union unity and the Biden administration's foreign policy goals that engage the continent. according to The report was released by Politico, citing a U.S. official familiar with the talks. (RELATED: Exclusive: Gold Star Mothers Call for 'Change' in Leadership After Biden Falsely Claims No Troop Deaths Under His Command)

Marine Le Pen's right-wing National Rally party appears in a position to win a significant number of seats or even a majority in the French parliament, which would allow it to limit Macron's policies through budgetary measures. The Biden team is taking solace in the fact that Macron still has three years left in his term and will continue to exercise great discretion on foreign policy issues, including the Ukraine war.

Macron's Renaissance party has resisted the global trend towards populist politics, choosing to support more liberal policies such as economic globalisation and the lack of action to tackle the surge in migration from outside Europe. according to According to The Wall Street Journal, Le Pen's party is in direct competition with it, advocating tougher immigration policies and focusing on protecting the French economy.

“It's hard to imagine Macron's party being able to form a coalition government, pass legislation and find compromises like they have in the past two years,” Leonie Allard, a visiting fellow at the Atlantic Council's European Center, told Politico.

European cooperation is essential to Biden's international policy, and he is looking to the continent to contribute to the defense of Ukraine in the wake of Russian aggression.

“Macron's 'coexistence' with an opposition prime minister would create political turmoil in Europe, including military and economic aid to Ukraine, a tougher stance on Russia and relations with China,” Jeff Radtke, a former US diplomat and current president of the US-German Institute, told Politico.

According to Politico, the Biden administration has insisted externally that it is not worried about the outcome of the French election, despite reports of internal turmoil. The Biden campaign also has more pressing domestic concerns, with his poor performance in particular leaving many to question the president's mental capacity and seek alternative 2024 running mates.

“This is just a congressional election,” an anonymous Biden administration official told Politico. “If it had been a presidential election, people would have been a lot more nervous.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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