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Teen Killed, Four Others Injured In Bus Stop Shooting Near Daycare Center

A teenage boy was shot to death and four others injured in a shooting at a bus stop in southeastern Pennsylvania Tuesday afternoon, according to multiple reports.

A Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) bus near a day care center in Philadelphia's Ogontz neighborhood was already loaded with passengers, and about 15 to 20 other people were on the bus when two gunmen opened fire. Waiting to ride on (6abc Philadelphia) report. Video reports showed the crime scene cordoned off by police, with shell casings scattered around the scene and bullet holes in the bus.

According to the newspaper, the boy who was shot was 17 years old. Another 17-year-old teenager suffered a graze on the shoulder, a 15-year-old teenager suffered a graze on her back, a 50-year-old woman was shot in her arm, and a 70-year-old woman was injured. She was shot in the head, Philadelphia police told 6abc Philadelphia. All four injured are reportedly recovering in hospital.

The armed criminals were boys. according to CBS Philadelphia.

“When you lose a child, especially a 17-year-old, we're never lucky. But when you look around, you see how busy this intersection is, there's a daycare center across the street, there's more than one person on the bus.” If he had been on board and multiple shots had been fired, it could have been much worse,” Philadelphia Police Chief Kevin Bethell told reporters on 6abc Philadelphia. A video appeared.

“There is no doubt that this person who was at the scene was targeted,” Bethel also said of the slain teen, according to CBS Philadelphia.

Bethel added that the adult female victim was an innocent bystander who was already on the bus. “They are stable,” he said, as reported by CBS Philadelphia. “The bullet went through the glass.” [which] We were very lucky because we were able to slow down the speed of the bullet. ''A woman in her 70s who was shot in the head was speaking at the hospital and appeared to be in stable condition, he added.

Bethel said 15 to 20 people waiting to board the bus were students, according to the Associated Press. report. Bethel added that the afternoon, right after school, is the most dangerous and violent time in Philadelphia.

Police are investigating the incident and reviewing footage of the shooting on a SEPTA bus in hopes of apprehending the suspect, who is on the run, CBS Philadelphia reports. (Related: Handcuffed car theft suspect escapes from custody, Philadelphia police say)

The incident occurred Monday night on a SEPTA bus at Oxford Circle, about 9 miles east of Ogontz, Philadelphia 6abc, after an altercation between two men on the bus resulted in a shooting. . Separate report. The suspect shot and killed Sawee Kofa, a 27-year-old fugitive from Liberia's civil war who had lived in Philadelphia since 2001, as she disembarked from the ship. according to outlet. The suspect is reportedly on the run.

“We fled the war in this country just to come get our nephew…and they took him away at gunpoint. It's like we're reliving the trauma,” Kofa said. His aunt Walea Kofa-Payne told 6abc Philadelphia.

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