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Tennis Association President Resigns In Protest Of Transgender Player In Tournament

The president of the Wyoming Tennis Association resigned in late July in protest after a transgender player was allowed to compete in a women’s tournament.

Jackie Fulcrod, who served on the board and president of the Cheyenne Tennis Association for two years, said 27-year-old transgender player Brooklyn Ross has been cleared to compete in the women’s open division at this weekend’s Wyoming governors’ tournament. As a result, I resigned from the post.Cup Tournament in Cheyenne, Cowboy State Daily report.

“I think it’s a very unfair matchup for men to play against women, especially when it comes to certain draws specifically targeting women,” Fulcrod told the magazine. “Entering a transgender athlete in the women’s draw draw feels like it goes against my personal integrity and what I believe and hold dear,” she continued.

Ross, who converted six years ago, just finished a season playing in the NCAA Division II at a college in Texas and will be competing in the women’s open singles division at the tournament, the paper said.

Wyoming recently passed a bill banning transgender athletes from participating in girls’ school sports, but the new law doesn’t affect eligibility requirements because the Governor’s Cup isn’t a school-sponsored event. “We are a lexport, so there are no protections for women competing in tournaments,” Fulcrod explained. (Related: ‘Who Allowed This’: Olympic medalist slams men competing in women’s sports)

Fulcrod added that he believed other members of the board were shaken by the decision to let Ross play, but was afraid to speak out because of the potential backlash.

The United States Tennis Association (UTSA) told the media it would follow the policies followed by the International Olympic Committee and the International Tennis Federation when determining player eligibility. The policy regarding transgender athletes in women’s sports requires that athletes identify as female for at least four years and have undergone hormone therapy to “minimize gender-related advantages in athletic competition.” The paper said it is being sought.

“Tennis thrives on the sport embracing inclusion, so tennis is open to everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, race, religious background, sexual orientation or gender identity,” says UTSA. told the Cowboy State Daily.

Ross, who is 6 feet tall and not considered one of the front-runners, expressed regret that Fulcrod felt the need to resign over the decision and urged the opposition to come to the Governor’s Cup. I invite you to watch the game. “I’m happy to stand up for those people without raising my voice,” Ross told the magazine. “Kids are forced to choose between being themselves or playing games.”

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