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Terrifying Video Shows Residents Escaping Wildfire Flames By Fleeing Into The Ocean

Shocking video footage shows Maui residents desperately jumping into the sea to escape looming wildfires.

A video posted on TikTok showed several people walking in the water and at least two more climbing as the fires rapidly approached. The area was enveloped in smoke, and the sky turned almost black. The death toll from these wildfires continues to rise.

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The Coast Guard reportedly rescued civilians who fled into the waters and nearby ports.

As of Friday morning, 55 people have been killed in the devastating fires. There are six fires on both Maui and the Big Island. Mass evacuations are still underway over what is described as a “natural disaster,” according to reports. NBC News. The historic town of Lahaina was reportedly the hardest hit. According to NBC News, the Lahaina fires were 80% extinguished, but most of the town’s relics and values ​​were lost in the fire. (Related: Haunting video emerges from wildfire-ravaged Hawaii)

Some survivors reported not hearing the fire sirens, raising questions about whether Hawaii’s firefighting equipment was intact or whether it warned Maui residents of impending danger. Residents also reportedly had difficulty calling 911 because power lines and communication infrastructure collapsed. It could take days, even weeks, to restore cell phone service, according to the company. CNN.

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