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Texas’ Arch Manning Changes His Mind On Upcoming ‘EA Sports College Football 25’, Or Was It All A Publicity Stunt?

Arch Manning is coming to EA Sports College Football 25!

Texas Longhorns quarterback Archie Manning He changed his mind and announced Tuesday that he'd decided to play in his first college football video game in 11 years. 11 yearsand thankfully, the wait is almost over!

Back in March, Arch Manning announced he would be opting out of playing on College Football 25, but a video posted to Twitter changed everything. The sophomore announced the news alongside his uncle, Eli Manning, and honestly, it just made him even more motivated to play! (RELATED: Miami's Cam Ward calls Colorado's Shedul Sanders “bullshit” after apparently bad workout)

It starts with Eli Manning calling the play, then Arch comes out to call the play, yelling out his other uncle, Peyton Manning, and his trademark “Omaha” sign. The play results in a touchdown pass, and Eli yells, “Touchdown! This is why you're in this game!”

Arch Manning concludes the clip by saying, “EA Sports, I'm in the game.”


Billy Football actually had a good theory on this.

To be honest, I think that's exactly what all of this is, and if so, it's genius.

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