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Texas Rangers Have Launched A Robot Bartender To Serve Drinks To Fans During MLB All-Star Week

Sure, it's cool, but I'm worried about robots taking over.

Ahead of the 2024 MLB All-Star Game, the stadium will introduce its first robot bartender, named “The Robot.” AdamThe technology is equipped with artificial intelligence, advanced sensors and two arms (yes, robots!) that will be used to serve drinks in collaboration with human bartenders, naturally.

You'll find ADAM at the concession bar at the entrance to Section 111, serving whiskey sours, lemon drops and other classic cocktails, as well as a few mocktails.


Hmm… like all artificial intelligence it's a bit weird, but mix in the elements of robots, alcohol and big money betting on the All-Star Game and imagine the high you'll feel when it hits. Just like my latest straight bet. *Shameless bragging*

In fact, it would be a super cool evening and a super cool experience at a game that I can't help but think romantically about. I'll have to take a trip to Arlington.

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