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‘The Bloody Hundredth’ Documentary Sounds Like It Will Make You The Proudest, Most Heartbroken Patriot

Netflix released the trailer for its new documentary series “The Bloody Hundredth” on Wednesday, and it's quite intense and emotional.

The documentary follows and celebrates the real-life heroes of the 100th Bomb Group and is being touted as a sister series to Masters of the Air, available on Apple TV+. according to Until the deadline. This story apparently begins with the shock of Pearl Harbor and ends with the final joy of VE Day.

“Airmen from 40 American bomber groups bled to death in alarming numbers in air combat,” Tom Hanks narrates in the trailer. “One of these groups suffered so many casualties that it became known as the 'Bloody Hundredth.'

Hanks served as an executive producer on the series along with Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman, and Mark Herzog directed the hour-long special.

“Masters of the Air” was created by the same team that created “Band of Brothers,” but it hasn't landed in the same way as the latter series. The series ended with a fairly low viewership rating of 68%. rotten tomatoes At the time of writing. (Related: Actor Woody Harrelson poses in RFK Jr. hat and the Libs lose their minds)

But it tells me that this accompanying documentary might be enough to contextualize this moment in history in such a way that more people go back in history and enter into a fictionalized version of the story. I did. I’m waiting to see “The Bloody Hundredth” before I dig into “Masters of the Air.”

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