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The county with the highest uninsured rate in each state

Kennedy County, Texas, has the highest percentage of uninsured residents in the nation, at 46.3%. new data The U.S. Census Bureau announced on Aug.

New data are for 2021 and are from the Small Community Health Insurance Estimation Program. This program is the only comprehensive source that provides single-year estimates of health coverage in each of his 3,142 counties in the country.

From 2020 to 2021, the uninsured rate of Americans under age 65 decreased in 280 counties and increased in 80 counties. The county’s uninsured rate ranged from 2.4 percent to 46.3 percent, with a median county uninsured rate of 10.4 percent.

The Northeast and Midwest had the highest percentage of counties with an uninsured rate of less than 10% in the nation, and the South had the highest percentage of counties with an uninsured rate of more than 15%.

The national uninsured rate hit a record low of 7.7% in the first quarter of 2023, according to the report. data It was announced by the CDC on August 3rd. This record rate does not reflect the millions of people who were excluded from Medicaid during the redetermination process that began in April.

Here are the counties with the highest uninsured rates in each state:

Kennedy County, Texas: 46.3%

Holmes County, Ohio: 28.9%

Clark County, Idaho: 27.3%

Atkinson County, Georgia: 26.3%

Grays County, Florida: 26.1%

Texas County, Oklahoma: 25.1%

LaGrange County, Indiana: 24.9%

Hamilton County, Kansas: 24.2%

Yakutat Borough, Alaska: 23.1%

Fremont County, Wyoming: 22.1%

Morgan County, Missouri: 22%

Esmeralda County, Nevada: 20.9%

Greene County, North Carolina: 20.5%

La Paz County, Arizona: 20.4%

Issaquena County, Mississippi: 19.8%

Sevier County, Arkansas: 19.6%

San Juan County, Colorado: 19.6%

DeKalb County, Alabama: 19.5%

Liberty County, Montana: 19.2%

Saluda County, South Carolina: 18.6%

Buffalo County, South Dakota: 18.6%

Wayne County, Utah: 18.5%

Colfax County, Nebraska: 18.3%

Bledsoe County, Tennessee: 18%

McKinley County, New Mexico: 17.6%

Clark County, Wisconsin: 16.7%

Mount Rail County, North Dakota: 16.5%

Adams County, Washington: 16.3%

Manassas Park City, Virginia: 15.2%

Nobles County, Minnesota: 13%

Davis County, Iowa: 12.5%

Hood River County, Oregon: 12.4%

Passaic County, New Jersey: 12.2%

Monterey County, California: 12%

Mackinac County, Michigan: 11.6%

Douglas County, Illinois: 11.5%

Todd County, Kentucky: 11.4%

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: 11.3%

Terreborn Parish, Louisiana: 11.2%

Prince George County, Maryland: 10.8%

Washington County, Maine: 10.6%

Yates County, New York: 10.6%

McDowell County, West Virginia: 10.3%

Sussex County, Delaware: 8.7%

Coos County, New Hampshire: 8%

Fairfield County, Connecticut: 7.4%

Lamoille County, Vermont: 6.4%

Providence County, Rhode Island: 5.6%

Hawaii County, Hawaii: 5.1%

Dukes County, Massachusetts: 4.1%

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