The podcast hosted by Sheriff Mark Lamb’s adult son is a hotbed of far-right conspiracy theories

Other episodes of Cade Lam afraid not to do the right thing More conventional, but still filled with subversive conservative tropes. In his first episode, he interviewed election denial group leaders Katherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips. true vote Also, as mentioned above, we partnered with Mark Lamb to craft a broader voter fraud narrative.

“When I saw this 2000 Mules Cade Lam said, referring to election deniers’ films that heavily feature Engelbrecht and Phillips. “So for those of you who are watching/listening to this podcast and haven’t seen it yet. 2000 Mules,I strongly recommend it. ”

He then asked them to present their so-called evidence. stand up to remote scrutiny.

“We think, roughly, this is a guess, about 7% of mail-in ballots, which is very conservative in our opinion. We have a problem,” Phillips said after a few minutes.

In another episode, unsuccessful Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was even more evident in her refusal to vote.

“In 2020, we know the fact that the election was stolen,” Lake said.

Cade Lam interviewed former Congressman Madison Cawthorne (R-North Carolina), who popularized the right-wing myth that only 3% of colonists fought the British in the American Revolutionary War.

Cawthorn says of the painting in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol: time. ” Them numbers It’s too low, but it forms the basis of the right wing.”sleeper center” ideology, a subset of the broader anti-government militia movement.

“Reminding people that a small force of 3% of our colony was able to defeat and fight the war of attrition that ultimately led to us breaking our chains from this British Empire. I love the idea,” added Cawthorn.

In another rambling episode, Cade Lamb interviewed Morgan Zegers, who hosted a podcast on Salem Radio Network and founded Young Americans Against Socialism. Zegers argued that the increased identification with LGBTQ identities among young people was an “epidemic” and compared it to societal pressures for eating disorders.

“Bulimia, anorexia, and eating disorders were a thing when we were kids, they were the epidemic at the time, and vulnerable young minds were falling for it,” Zeger said. And now it’s a gender spectrum.”

“And when we look at it more and more, I mean, the chemicals we eat, how it feminizes men and normalizes everything,” she said. continued.

The idea that cis men are “feminized” is another popular trope on the right. Misinterpretation of scientific papers About non-human animals Fear Regarding the supposed drop in testosterone levels.

Like Sawyer, Zegers sees where the communist threat doesn’t exist.

“The other thing is that we won the Cold War against the Soviet Union, so we thought we had defeated communism, but the Soviet Union itself collapsed,” says Zegers. “But the communists in America were stronger than ever.”

Cade Lam’s mother and Mark Lam’s wife, Janelle, also recently appeared on the show and made anti-trans comments. afraid not to do the right thing The lack of God in public is responsible for the increasing rate of transgender identity among young people. exposed social contagion theory.

“Once upon a time, we all had one thing in common. What is it?” Janelle Lam said. “We were children of God.”

“Well, now I feel like society is really trying to erase God as much as possible,” she continued. What’s going on with the family, it’s also erased.

“So now you have these kids who are out. Their human nature inherently wants to belong. Like trans kids in high school are the cool kids.” To. You can stand out because you can say, “I’m a cat, so I need a litter box in the school cafeteria or bathroom.” you know what i mean? It’s almost like they’re trying to belong in the way they’re trying to do this, and there are so many evil forces that are exploiting it.

A common myth is that teachers forced or allowed children to use the litter box, recognizing that they were cats, completely unfounded Anti-trans topic.

Most of this content is standard for right-wing media, prone to conspiratorial thinking, and almost forgettable under various circumstances. It seems not. But it is also an extension of the family business. With his father clearly involved, Mark Lamb is in the public eye.

Sheriff Mark Lamb aw-shucks Although he is a mainstream figure, afraid not to do the right thing Undermining that behavior and showing that both Lambs seem to share an ideology around the far right of Republican politics.

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