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The Western Michigan-Ball State Game Has To Have One Of The Most Insane Endings In College Basketball History

Yes… we are definitely in March.

Western Michigan and Ball State faced off in a college basketball game Saturday afternoon. The matchup between these two schools is well known when it comes to MAC football, and they brought similar energy to the court in a way that really should. One of the craziest endings in college basketball history.

The game was tied at 76-76 with 1.6 seconds left. And at that point, it looked like the game was going to go into double overtime. But instead of freer basketball, the fans in attendance were treated to complete insanity. (Related: Iowa's Kaeltin Clark enters 2024 WNBA Draft)

Western Michigan was faced with a situation where they had to get the ball all over the court to have any chance of winning the game, and that's exactly what they did. Javon Hanna I decided to toss it in hopes of making a miracle happen. And the basketball gods won in spectacular fashion, as the ball somehow ended up passing through seven defenders without touching anyone and hitting a teammate. Anthony Crump's hand.

And Crump was alone under the basket, and he managed to get the ball up in time to take a shot that caused utter madness.


Holy hell.

Usually you need a conference tournament to warm up for March Madness, but once this is over I think you'll be ready. And of course it would be MAC that would do this.

Ladies and gentlemen, basketball is great.

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