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‘They’ll Learn In November’: Megyn Kelly Rips MSNBC Hosts For ‘Sneering’ About Immigration

Political commentator Megyn Kelly on Wednesday criticized the MSNBC host's comments about voters' concerns about immigration.

Kelly said during the show that an MSNBC panel including Jen Psaki, Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid discussed the issues most important to Virginia voters during their Super Tuesday election coverage. reacted to the viral clip. Several panelists laughed at the remark and seemed perplexed by the results, knowing that immigration is a top issue for Virginia voters. (Related: Exclusive: Georgia Senate Republicans introduce new bill to counter sanctuary policies in light of Laken Riley murder)

In a conversation with National Review Editor-in-Chief Rich Lowry, Kelly highlighted recent reports that an undocumented Venezuelan immigrant was charged in February with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Virginia. did. Kelly spoke about the host's lack of awareness of immigrants.

“There’s a lot to do there, Rich,” Kelly said. “Immigrant crime is not a thing – tell this to the family of a 14-year-old girl in Campbell County, Virginia, who was recently sexually assaulted by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who is now in the country illegally. He was arrested and charged after entering the country.'' He was arrested in El Paso, Texas, in September of this year and released to the United States by federal authorities. “Today, approximately 1 in 8 Virginians was born in a foreign country,” Stephen Miller said online. In Virginia, one in four very young people has a foreign-born parent. Approximately 20% of students in Fairfax County Public Schools struggle to speak English. The state of Virginia where I once lived was also completely transformed by immigration. They laugh and ridicule their danger. They will find out what the truth is in November. ”

“Following the murder of Laken Riley on the University of Georgia campus a week ago, to say that immigrants are not involved in crime,” Kelly continued. “So do they, so do they. And we talked about this on your show yesterday, focusing on what Charles CW Cook and the editors heard on your show. We said too much. It's another thing for American citizens to commit crimes. We don't celebrate that. We don't want that. We try to punish it in certain jurisdictions. But we don't have to deal with, we don't have to deal with illegal aliens who come here and commit crimes. Even one is too many. This girl and her family are still grieving. But that grave has been dug anew. And they are making fun of how immigrants don't commit crimes.”

The ongoing crisis at the southern border continues to see large numbers of illegal immigrants being encountered by Border Patrol agents. In December 2023, the number of encounters between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants reached a record high of more than 302,000, according to data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

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